Terms of Sale

  • Standard payment terms are net 30 days, unless otherwise stated on invoice. 

  • All orders are subject to acceptance by Lupin Pharma Canada Ltd (“Lupin”) and any other conditions imposed by Lupin at its sole discretion. 

  • Lupin may allocate products among its customers based as needed. 

  • Products will be invoiced at prices prevailing at the time of receipt of order and are subject to change without notice.  

  • Wholesale distributors of Lupin products shall provide outlet level sales to IQVIA and/or to any third part designated by Lupin. 

Prohibition on Exports

  • All products sold by Lupin are labelled and approved for sale in Canada only and are not intended for export. 

  • A purchaser of Lupin product(s) shall not directly or indirectly by any means or arrangement:

(i)    Export any product from Canada to any other jurisdiction

(ii)    Offer for resale, resell or consign or otherwise distribute any product for export from Canada to any other jurisdiction, or

(iii)   Offer for resale, resell or consign or otherwise distribute any product to any other person or entity (“further reseller”) who customer knows or suspects or reasonably should know or suspect will

(a)   export any product from Canada to any other jurisdiction, or

(b)   offer for resale, resell, consign or otherwise distribute to any person or entity who further reseller knows or suspects or reasonably should know or suspect will export any product from Canada to any other jurisdiction.

Transportation / Shipping

  • All orders are shipped freight prepaid.

  • All shipments are by carrier of Lupin’s choice.


  • Any damages, shortages, losses, pilferage, lost in transit or incorrect shipments must be reported to Customer Care Centre at
    1-844-587-4622 OR 1-844-LUPINCA (Fax: 1-844-552-8085) within 5 working days of receipt.

 Storage/Shipping Requirements

  • All products must be stored and shipped according to storage/shipping conditions mentioned on the label of each product

 Lupin Returned Goods Policy

  • Returns are to be sent freight prepaid to your Point of Purchase.

  • If Sales Order price is not available, credit will be issued at current list price

  • Outdated product, in the original manufacturers’ container/ packaging and bearing the original manufacturers label , 3 months prior to expiration up to 12 months beyond the expiration date printed on each product may be returned

  • Product shipped by Lupin, subject to FOB terms, or product shipped in error by Lupin may be returned

  • Discontinued, withdrawn or recalled product may be returned

  • Credits expire one hundred eighty (180) days from date issued

  • Reimbursement will be made in the form of a credit memo applied to customer’s current account. Credits will be issued to direct accounts only. Indirect customers, such as retail and hospital pharmacies, will receive credit though their servicing wholesaler.

  • Lupin will not issue credit or accept charges/deductions for administrative, handling, or freight charges associated with the return of product to Lupin.

  • Partials will be accepted for credit on a per tablet basis.


Returned Goods Policy is Subject to change

  • The Lupin Returned Goods Policy over rides all other Return Goods Policies from distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, retailers, chains and hospitals.

  • Product must be returned to Lupin within 12 months post expiration and will be credited at current list price.  Discontinued product will also be accepted 12 months post expiration and credited at current/last list price.

  • If point of purchase is Lupin, return authorization is required. Products will not be credited without a Return Authorization and credit will only be issued if it is within the terms of the Lupin Returned Goods Policy. Return authorization expires sixty (60) days from date issued. Return authorization may be obtained by faxing your request to LSU’s toll free fax number 1 844 552 8085, detailing quantity, lot, a/c number, name, address, fax, phone number and reason for return.  LSU will fax back the return goods/ merchandise authorization.

  • Forward merchandise freight prepaid to: Lupin Pharma Canada Ltd. c/o LSU Returns Department/Dep. Des retours 1375 Newton, Boucherville, Quebec J4B 5H2

  • All returned product received without proper documentation will be refused by receiving and returned to sender.

Non-Credited Merchandise

  • Lupin will accept for return and destruction (but not for credit) the following:

(i)    Product outside of twelve months expiration

(ii)    Product that is not expired unless sold under special guaranteed sales conditions

(iii)  Product marked “Professional Sample”, “Sample”, or “For Clinical Use Only”

(iv)  Product destroyed or damaged from causes such as fire, water or extremes of temperature or that has otherwise deteriorate  due to improper storage or other conditions occurring after shipment and beyond the control of Lupin. ( or other acts of God)

(v)   Product not in its original packaging, including packages/containers with labels added to or removed from original manufacturers package/container

(vi)  Already reconstituted product, partial vials or syringes or vials with broken seals

(vii) Products returned with illegible or missing lot number and/or expiration date (viii) Partial or opened packaging of Relistor WILL NOT BE CREDITED

Minimum Shipment

  • Minimum order is $2500.

Drug Information/ Inquiries

  • Calls can be directed to Lupin Medical Information at 1-844-587-4623